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Gary Vaynerchuk on how businesses must adapt to social media

I have been a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk for a long time. I have been following his work for couple of years already and I can say that his passion, work ethics and specially his philosophy about business has been very inspiring for me.

I have watched dozens of his videos, listen to many of the podcasts in which he has been a guest, connected with him on Twitter, read his two remarkable business books and honestly, I cannot have enough of this guy.

Today I want to share with you a short video of a presentation he gave a few months ago, in which he talks about how business must adapt to social media. His message is very clear and to the point, and in just 10 minutes you will get many valuable lessons that have a huge impact in business worldwide.

So, here is my suggestion for today. Two steps:

1. Watch this video. And right after watching it …
2. Get his remarkable new book The Thank You Economy (Amazon affiliate link). Trust me, this is an important book that you have to read if you want to be relevant on business from now on. There is no turning back. The Thank You Economy is here to stay, so either take action and adapt or get ready to suffer the consequences.



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Cool video: 50 Power Twitter Tips

A few days ago Chris Brogan posted a list with 50 Power Twitter Tips. That post is a great source of advice for both beginners and experienced members of the Twitter community.

Well, recently a guy named Paul Durman, created a very cool video with the tips that Chris posted in his blog. Check it out!

How cool is that? It is remarkable when people not only share and spread the message across, but that also care enough to add value while doing it so. That’s just excellent!

So, two things. Fist of all, do not forget to always share great stuff every time you find something worthy; and second, take into consideration the tips given in the video. I am sure they will have a very positive impact on your Twitter experience.


Why I love Twitter

For those of you that are heavy users (or at least familiar with) Twitter, probably you already know what I am talking about. However for those of you who have not yet “join the conversation” at Twitter, here I share two BIG reasons why I love Twitter and why I think is definitely a very good idea to join and get active.

Two BIG reasons why I love Twitter

1. Twitter is a remarkable resource of information and knowledge

Thanks to Twitter I have been exposed to some of the most interesting, creative, inspiring, brightest and coolest ideas and concepts. Theses are ideas that have had a great impact on me, both personally and professionally.

Every single time I open Twitter I get awesome content from most of the people I follow. Here the key is the fact that I have chosen to follow many thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, change agents, and experts in the different areas I am interested. As a result, everyday I get new fantastic content from all the people that are sharing their knowledge and expertise through Twitter.

Additionally, the “re-tweet” or “RT” concept is a fantastic way to spread those ideas that are worth sharing. Basically every-time you find something valuable in Twitter and you would like to share it with your followers, you “re-tweet” it and you make it available to all the people connected with you. By the way, when you visit my profile, you will notice that I actually “re-tweet” a lot. The reason why is that I love sharing, and if I can help expand the reach of a great idea, I do it with pleasure.

Some time ago, a friend of mine was arguing that he already had his Google Reader full of all the blogs he is interested on reading, and that anyway he did not have time to read all that, so he did not see any point on Twitter as a source of information. Fair point, however, keeping track of only the blogs you follow, allows you to be exposed only to that particular content. Here the key word is exposure. Thanks to Twitter, I am being exposed to incredible articles, blogs, videos, etc, that otherwise, I would have never found before.

For example, Twitter introduced me to the advice and wisdom of outstanding people like:

David Meerman Scott

Chris Brogan

Lewis Howes

Gary Vaynerchuk

David Siteman Garland

Michael Bungay Stanier

and many more.

Thanks to the insights from these guys, I am currently developing new ideas and projects, plus I am making better decisions in my life and in my business. I mean … this blog is the result of the inspiration I got from all the people I have just mentioned, so I think this is a good example of what I am talking about.

2. The second reason why I love Twitter, is that not only allows to get exposed to this remarkable content, but it also allows you to interact, engage and potentially build valuable relationships with the creators of the content and with the members of Twitter that openly share it through “re-tweets” or by posting links to great websites.

It would take me a long time to write a list of all the incredible people I have not only found on Twitter, learn from and also started building a friendly relationship with them. In addition to some of the people I have mentioned before, people like Dragos Roua, Robin Dickinson, Bradley Will and David Brock are not only creating and sharing remarkable things, but also extending a friendly hand and building great relationships. I mean, I have never met them personally, but I consider these guys my friends. And all thanks to Twitter!

So, here you have them. Two big reasons why I think you should consider joining and getting active with Twitter. Ah! and by the way, if you find me there, please connect. I will love to hear from you, learn from you and … well, I hope you will get some value from me.