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Alan Weiss on becoming a succesful consultant

Alan WeissAlan Weiss is one of the most successful Management Consultants in the world, and by far, one of my biggest source of guidance and inspiration. He is the best-selling author of more than 40 books, including the remarkable Million Dollar Consulting (Amazon affiliate link) (Note: if you want to watch my review of this outstanding book click here)

Recently Alan was invited to lecture at Harvard University, where he shared tons of extremely valuable advice.

In this presentation he talks about:

– Setting your own path
– The real definition of Consulting
– Why you need to reinvent yourself constantly
– What is the most important skill you need to be a consultant
– The Value-Distance concept
– What is the biggest reason why Consultants fail
– Value-Based Fees
– How to develop your position in the market
– Why you do not need a business plan
– What is innovation
– How to implement and monetize any opportunity
– The 1% solution
– and much more.

The presentation’s duration is around 80 minutes. Trust me, I know how valuable your time is, and I can tell you that watching this 80 minutes video is most definitely worth it.



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Do you want to succeed in sales? Brush your teeth!

Are you interested on improving your sales? … Yes? well, you are not alone. Companies all over the map are trying to figure out the best way to get their sales cycles rolling. Unfortunately, many are looking for the “new“, “innovative“, “modern” (or as a small business owner I met a few days ago called “that Facebook thing“) magic formula to revolutionize their business.

Guess what? Unfortunately, I have noticed that most of these companies are trying “the next best thing” without first understanding and establishing “the basics“.

A good example of this is one that my good friend Sandra Bichl shared with me the other day:

I have a Client who is a small management consulting company that as a way to improve their sales hired an expensive PR agency. As a result, well, they’ve got some potential Clients knocking on their doors, however, they do not know how to take care of them, or how to build long term relationships or how to cross-sell their services. In other words, it is like going regularly to the most expensive dentist in town, but you never brush your teeth“. (by the way, I love that analogy)

So before investing your money on things you do not understand or on so called “experts” offering you some type of magic formulas, make sure you and your team understand and implement “the basics” of selling which in my opinion Brian Tracy defines in the simplest way: “selling is all about interacting and relating professionally and effectively with other people to help them get things that they want and need to improve their lives and work”.

How about you? Have you “brushed your teeth” recently?

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Great Books Series – Endless Referrals

In this episode of The Great Books Series I am sharing with you my recommendation on a remarkable book by Bob Burg. The title of the book is Endless Referrals (Amazon affiliate link), and this is an outstanding book on how to create more sales in less time and how to generate leads fast and effectively.

Definitely a must read for anybody in sales!


By the way, if you would like to watch my review on another outstanding book by Bob (written together with John David Mann) entitled Go-Givers Sell More (Amazon affiliate link), please click here


Jeffrey Gitomer’s views on cold calling

Jeffrey Gitomer is a sales master. His books are not only extremely informative but entertaining and thought provoking.

In this outstanding video, Jeffrey shares his views on cold calling. Views that I not only share but strongly believe to be true.

So, if you are in sales (and well … we are ALL in sales, aren’t we?), I strongly recommend you to:

(a) Watch the video below
(b) Go to Jeffrey’s YouTube channel and watch more of his videos
(c) Repeat point (b) often (believe me, you will be glad you do)


So … what do you think? do you agree with him? What do you think about his definition of cold calling? Let me know and share your views in the section below. I am looking forward to your comments.

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The three fundamentals of business development

One of the many things I admire of my friend, Robin Dickinson, is how he always delivers powerful statements in an extremely simple, clear and concise way.

In this video, Robin shares the three fundamentals of business development and proves a very important point: Business development is simple.



The Great Books Series – Go-Givers Sell More

In this episode of The Great Books Series I am sharing with you my recommendation on a remarkable book. This is a book that not only would have a great impact on your sales results, but on all different areas of your life.

I am talking about Go-Givers Sell More (Amazon affiliate link) by Bob Burg and John David Mann.