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Are you giving your customers a unique experience?

This is an awesome example of how to surprise your customers with a unique experience. Definitely a brilliant idea, that you can be sure most, if not all, of the ladies in this video will share with all her friends.

How to add social media to your customer service strategy

This is a remarkable 3-part mini series produced by Salesforce and designed by Dr. Natalie Petouhoff that clearly explains how social media can contribute to the organization’s customer service strategy and the overall benefits to the organization.

Make sure you watch all three videos. Enjoy!

1. How to Build a Business Case for Social Customer Service

2. How to Calculate the ROI of Social Customer Service

3. How Social Customer Service Benefits the Entire Company

Flipping the marketing funnel with Joseph Jaffe

Couple of months ago I was introduced to Joseph Jaffe while listening to Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels Of Separation podcast. In it, Mitch started a series of monthly episodes with Jaffe simply entitled “Jaffe and Joel“, in which they have very dynamic and engaging discussions connected to the world of digital marketing and social media. Those episodes are full of very interesting insights and concepts that I find very relevant and thought provoking.

So, a few days ago I started to read Joseph Jaffe’s latest book Flip the Funnel: How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones (Amazon affiliate link), and I am enjoying it a lot. In it he argues that the traditional marketing funnel focuses mostly on acquisition of new customers, while overlooking retention of existing customers, and he argues that companies should invest the most effort in the most loyal and valuable customers by focusing on providing the highest quality customer experience.

This short video is not just as a “promotional video” of the book but actually a very interesting introduction to Joseph Jaffe’s views connected with marketing and customer service.



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Gary Vaynerchuk on how businesses must adapt to social media

I have been a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk for a long time. I have been following his work for couple of years already and I can say that his passion, work ethics and specially his philosophy about business has been very inspiring for me.

I have watched dozens of his videos, listen to many of the podcasts in which he has been a guest, connected with him on Twitter, read his two remarkable business books and honestly, I cannot have enough of this guy.

Today I want to share with you a short video of a presentation he gave a few months ago, in which he talks about how business must adapt to social media. His message is very clear and to the point, and in just 10 minutes you will get many valuable lessons that have a huge impact in business worldwide.

So, here is my suggestion for today. Two steps:

1. Watch this video. And right after watching it …
2. Get his remarkable new book The Thank You Economy (Amazon affiliate link). Trust me, this is an important book that you have to read if you want to be relevant on business from now on. There is no turning back. The Thank You Economy is here to stay, so either take action and adapt or get ready to suffer the consequences.



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An effective way to lose your loyal customers

If you are interested on finding out a very effective way to lose your loyal customers, check out this short video and find out what our friends at Cinema City Mokotow understand about customer service.



Listen to your customers and express how much you care

A few days ago I got a nice surprise from the bookstore where I am a frequent customer. This nice/small detail shows how easy and simple is to show that you listen to your customers and that you care about them.



Aliens, socks and satisfied customers

A few days ago me and my family went away on holidays. On the first evening, right when we were getting the kids ready to bed, my three years old daughter Zofia, gave us a question that could have represented a big catastrophe. She asked: “Where is my stuffed toy?“.

Well … it seems like during all the hectic time packing and running around the house, we have forgotten to pack her favorite stuffed toy. Now, in other circumstances this may have not represented a big deal, however, she is used to only being able to fall sleep while hugging her stuffed toys.

So, what happened? my brilliant wife asked Zofia to give her five minutes and she came up with an awesome solution.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to …. the “little alien“.

The little alien

With a huge smile, Zofia ran towards her mom, took the “little alien” and … slept peacefully hugging her new toy every night of the entire trip.

Now, this got me thinking on how clearly this is a great example of outstanding customer service. We were faced with a very important customer, being faced with a big problem and expecting results. The easiest thing to do was to simply say “Oh, sorry sweetie, we forgot to pack it, so there is nothing we can do. Go to bed“. However, my wife went the extra mile to make sure that our daughter would be happy.

What happened here is more than just putting together a pair of socks and three rubber-bands. This was a great example of thinking outside the box, being proactive, creative and making things happen.

So, ask yourself, how many times have you been in a similar situation, maybe not with your sons or daughters, but with your customers? How many times have you just taken the easy answer and said: “Ups … to bad. There is nothing we can do“? How many times have you made the extra effort to solve your customer’s problems?

I am sure the solution to your customer’s problems will be more complex that wrapping thee rubber-bands in a pair of socks, but the point is to be open and ready to make things happen.

By the way, here is the picture of a very satisfied customer.

A very satisfied customer