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Great lessons from Cirque du Soleil

OVO "Cirque du Soleil"
Photo by eschipul

Cirque du Soleil is undeniably one of the most successful organizations in the world. Their creativity and determination to always deliver the highest level of quality in absolutely everything they do, has helped them grow into a multimillion dollar company with more than 20 super productions employing over 4,000 employees around the world.

As a former circus performer, I am one of their biggest fans. I have had the opportunity not only to attend to many of their shows such as Saltimbanco, Quidam, Alegria, La Nouba and OVO, but also to visit the company’s headquarters in Montreal, and I can testify that the level of commitment and connection that all of their employees have with each other is simply remarkable.

This video shows what is behind such incredible performance and what a huge influence has the organizational culture on everything they do. I am sure that everybody can take a lot of great lessons from it.


So … what are you doing to strengthen your organization’s culture? How are you integrating the people working with you? What are you doing to support your people’s development?

BONUS: Well as a small bonus I wanted to share with you a short video introducing Cirque du Soleil’s latest production, which will be premiering at Radio City Music Hall in New York: Zarkana


My presentation at TEDx Warsaw

Here is the video of my recent TED Talk at TEDx Warsaw.

This was a remarkable event and I strongly recommend you to check out all the presentations.


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