Back from LeWeb Paris 2013

LeWebFrom December 10th to December 13th, thousands of people gathered in Paris to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of LeWeb, the most talked-about international conference for startups and web entrepreneurs.

I had the privilege of being invited as an Official Blogger of the event and be part of the LeWeb community, helping spread the word and transmit to the world the highlights of the event.

Actually, on day two I found out that I was at the top 10 of generated tweets (including tweets, RTs and mentions). This made me very happy as it showed that people liked what I was sharing.

Top Tweets

So, now that the event is over, I will move from focusing on reporting the event live to gradually continue to share some of the most important presentations. These are not necessarily “my favorite ones”, but the ones that I believe are extremely relevant and that you should definitely check out. I can assure you that wether you are a young entrepreneur or an experienced executive in a Fortune 500 company, you will get valuable insights, knowledge and inspiration from them.

I will be sharing with you the presentations of amazing people such as Brian Solis, Jeremiah Owyang, Gary Vaynerchuk (including a brief but very cool interaction with me), Ramon De Leon, Fred Wilson, Carmine Gallo and many more.

Additionally, I will share with you a Special Edition of The Digital Loop, recorded directly from Paris with my good friend and partner in crime, Paul Papadimitriou (who by the way did a phenomenal job co-hosting the event!), as well as interviews with some of the speakers.

So, stay tuned and keep coming back, because although the LeWeb Paris 2013 conference is already over, you will be able to continue getting valuable information and inspiration right here.

See you around!


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