GoPro: A ten-year overnight success

When the media talks about “A consumer phenomenon“, “the world’s hottest camera company” , “the number one best-selling camera in the world” … which company do you think they are talking about?

Sony? …. Canon? …. Kodak? (just kidding) …. no. They are talking about GoPro, the remarkable company founded by Nicholas Woodman, who has created America’s fastest growing imaging company, not by selling cameras, but by selling what he calls “life-capture devices“.


In this video, Nicholas shares his fascinating and very inspiring story of how he went from sleeping out of his 1971 Volkswagen bus, to joining the 2013 Forbes’ World Billionaires List with a net worth of $1.3 billion … in just over 10 years!



If you want to find out more about Nicholas, I suggest you to check out this excellent article from Forbes: The Mad Billionaire Behind GoPro: The World’s Hottest Camera Company

And for those of you not familiar with GoPro’s amazing video capabilities … Check out the video below. Enjoy the show!


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