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Alan Weiss on becoming a succesful consultant

Alan WeissAlan Weiss is one of the most successful Management Consultants in the world, and by far, one of my biggest source of guidance and inspiration. He is the best-selling author of more than 40 books, including the remarkable Million Dollar Consulting (Amazon affiliate link) (Note: if you want to watch my review of this outstanding book click here)

Recently Alan was invited to lecture at Harvard University, where he shared tons of extremely valuable advice.

In this presentation he talks about:

– Setting your own path
– The real definition of Consulting
– Why you need to reinvent yourself constantly
– What is the most important skill you need to be a consultant
– The Value-Distance concept
– What is the biggest reason why Consultants fail
– Value-Based Fees
– How to develop your position in the market
– Why you do not need a business plan
– What is innovation
– How to implement and monetize any opportunity
– The 1% solution
– and much more.

The presentation’s duration is around 80 minutes. Trust me, I know how valuable your time is, and I can tell you that watching this 80 minutes video is most definitely worth it.



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Making Ideas Happen

Making Ideas Happen
Couple of years ago I had the great opportunity to get introduced to Scott Belsky‘s work. Scott is the founder and CEO of Behance, publisher of the fantastic site and the author of the remarkable book Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality (Amazon affiliate link). This book has been a huge influence for me and I highly recommend it.

Scott has studied the habits of especially productive individuals and teams across different industries, and in his book he compiled the principles and techniques they shared with him, while presenting a systematic approach to creative organization and productivity.

In this excellent TEDx Talk, Scott goes over some of the key points of his research and describes how you can get better organized and focused on execution; the role that community plays on getting traction behind your ideas, and how to develop leadership capabilities needed to make ideas happen.



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