Speaking at the Chief Marketing Officer Congress

On April 25th, I will be taking part in the second edition of the Chief Marketing Officer Congress in the beautiful city of Sopot, Poland.

Last year I had the great opportunity to take part in this event, so I am very happy to go back to such a great conference. Specially that this year the Congress is part of a much larger event: The Business Sopot Festival 2012. Last year’s Congress was fantastic, and I am sure this year will be awesome.

This time I will be speaking about what it means to be at the intersection between “digital” and “traditional” marketing. I will share with the audience three important concepts to better understand what it takes to succeed in a digitally enabled world.

This year, joining the great list of more than 50 speakers, there are some very special guests coming to the event, such as Anders Sjostedt, Global Director, Executive Programs at Hyper Island and David Schwieler, Head of Digital at INGO sthlm. So, this event will be for sure a great learning opportunity for everybody attending.

I really hope to see you there!

Visit the Congress’ website for more information or to register


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