Learning From Failure: 20 Years of Entrepreneurial Lessons in 20 Minutes

Bill Gross, Founder & CEO of Idealab, gave a remarkable presentation at LeWeb 2011 in which he shared 20 years of entrepreneurial lessons in 20 minutes. Brilliant stuff!


So … here you have Bill Gross’ 12 lessons:

1. Market power rules
2. Master the demo
3. Pursue your passion
4. Focus, Focus, Focus
5. Recognize your strengths
6. Don’t overbuild
7. Survive until the market is ready
8. Test, Test, Test
9. Stick with it
10. Find essential partners
11. Harness your users’ passion
12. All truth passes through 3 stages

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2 responses to “Learning From Failure: 20 Years of Entrepreneurial Lessons in 20 Minutes

  1. David Z Reynolds - Investor focussed business plans, connecting you with vital capital

    Thanks for the video of Bill Gross on the lessons of his entrepreneurship. My audience lives mostly in emerging economies, where the basics of life are the driving needs. However, Bill’s lessons still have resonance for those taking the step to develop a new business.

    Thanks for the piece, I shall recommend my viewers take a look,

    • My pleasure David,
      I am very happy that you found my post interesting/useful. I totally agree with you. Bill’s lessons are very valuable indeed.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment in my blog.
      All the best!

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