Inspiration is everywhere

This is one of my favorite videos. It tells the story of Manuel de los Santos, a Dominican Republic former baseball player who in 2003 lost his leg after a motorcycle accident.

A few years later he watched the film ‘The Legend of Bagger Vance‘, and he was inspired to take up golf. Today Manuel plays to a handicap of just three and is competing in high profile tournaments all around the world.



I believe that you that inspiration comes from within. That when you have a clear purpose, this will propel you to achieve anything you want. However, great stories, great books, great speeches, or on Manuel’s case, great movies, can give you that kick in the ass that you need to get going. So, go out there. Expose yourself to great sources of inspiration.

There is no longer the excuse that “you can’t get inspired”. Inspiration is everywhere. You just need to expose yourself to it.

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