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Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

Great infographic created by Marketo, showing why content marketing is a great alternative to traditional advertising.

"Content Marketing vs Traditional Advertising"

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Where good ideas come from

Today I want to share two videos based on the findings and ideas in Steven Johnson‘s book Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation (Amazon affiliate link).

If you are interested on creativity and innovation, I am sure you will enjoy watching these videos.

So, here is my suggestion. Watch the first video. It is short and I am sure you will love the fantastic animation. If after watching the video, you are interested on finding out more about Steven’s ideas, watch the second video with his presentation at TED.


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Facebook vs Google+

This very cool infographic by the guys at Single Grain shows a great side by side comparisons between Facebook and Google+.


Facebook vs Google+

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Great lessons on creativity, risk taking and mastery by John Mayer

I saw this video today and I just had to share it with you guys. This video shows a great example of creativity, execution, taking chances, willingness to fail and mastery.

John Mayer is one of the most talented song-writers, singers and guitar players today. I have been a huge fan for long time and watching him go through the process of creating and recording such a remarkable song from scratch in one day has been very inspiring.


John Mayer: “In Repair:” One Song, One Day

So … my question to you: How can you take the lessons from this video and apply them to your business and life?

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Why you need to fail

Some time ago I discovered Derek Sivers after watching his three excellent short presentations he has given at TED. I really liked his way of thinking and decided to “keep an eye on him”. Then, when recently Seth Godin‘s publishing company The Domino Project announced that they were publishing his new book entitled Anything You Want (Amazon affiliate link), I realized that he most definitely have something very valuable to share.

I was right. The book is fantastic and since then I have become a fan of him. Well, last night I bumped into this remarkable video and I just thought this is an important message that needs to be shared. So here you have it.


Why you need to fail

Bonus videos!

Well, when I started writing this post, my idea was to simply mention his TED Talks and hyperlinked them. Then I realized that they have the great combination of being short but also very interesting. So I decided to post them here as well. Enjoy!

Keep your goals to yourself

How to start a movement

Weird, or just different?

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Peter Sims on how breakthrough ideas emerge from small discoveries

Couple of days ago I started reading an outstanding book: Little Bets (Amazon affiliate link) by Peter Sims and I am loving it!

The book describes how highly productive and creative thinkers and doers, such as Ludwig van Beethoven, the story developers at Pixar or Jeff Bezos, have achieved remarkable results by discovering and developing breakthrough ideas.

The book is so brilliant that I started to look for more resources and information on Peter’s work and I found this excellent presentation he gave recently at Google while promoting his new book.

This is an excellent introduction into the remarkable insights in the book, so I highly recommend you to watch it and then to go and get this outstanding book.


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Michael Stelzner on how to use content and social media to grow your business

One of my favorite resources on the web is Every day it delivers remarkable content full of great tips, advice and information that it’s not only easy to read but actionable and relevant.

In this remarkable conversation with Bryan Elliot , Michael Stelzner, CEO and Founder of, shares the story of how he built this outstanding platform into becoming the number one small business blog in the world (according to Technorati) and one of the world’s Top 100 business blogs (according to AdAge) with more than 87,000 email subscribers in just 18 months!

Additionally, he shares priceless advice on how to use content and social media to grow your business. This is a must watch video my friends!


By the way, Michael’s new book Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition (Amazon affiliate link), is outstanding! I got it recently and I simply cannot put it down. It is that good! I strongly recommend you to buy it, study it and implement Mike’s ideas. Most definitely I will.

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