The Google+ project

In a very interesting move, Google has just introduced a new social networking service called the Google+ project.

Currently is on beta version being available only to a select group of Google users but based on their publicity, it seems to have a very interesting approach to social networking.

Check out the videos below for a better understanding of the Google+ project concept:

The Google+ project: A quick look

The Google+ project: Circles

The Google+ project: Hangouts

The Google+ project: Instant Upload

The Google+ project: Sparks

The Google+ project: Huddle

My first impression is that this is a great idea and that it seems to be very user friendly. I think that it has the potential to offer an interesting value to its users and give a different experience to an already “Facebooked world”.

What do you think? Do you like the idea? Do you think Google may be a bit too late to seriously compete with Facebook? Please share your comments below.


4 responses to “The Google+ project

  1. Hey,

    I guess Google has the potential to beat facebook on many stuff, but I don’t think beating fb is gonna be the main point of their strategy.

    Creating a unique tool with all the actions and posibilites we are now expecting from facebook, skype, twitter…etc seems to be THE idea to follow.

    • Hi Pierre,
      Thanks for your comment. I totally agree. I also think that they will not try to “beat” Facebook, however, they are indeed competing for consumer’s attention and loyalty. Based on what I have seen, both platforms can complement each other (I can see myself using both). The question is, how many people would (a) consider using it, (b) use both, (c) replace Facebook with Google+. We’ll see.

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