Huge opportunity or hopeless situation?

I came back recently from the CMO Congress, where I had the great opportunity to participate as a speaker, as well as a member of an expert’s panel during a great debate on the new trends in marketing.

The title of my presentation was Rethinking Marketing: Earning vs. buying attention with Inbound Marketing, and in it I introduced the audience to the great benefits that inbound marketing offers to any business strategy.

In general, it was a great event and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to share the stage and get to know remarkable people such as Michael Leander and Robin Hamman, both outstanding experts in the field of digital and social communications.

CMO Congress - Ivan Hernandez, Robin Hamman, Michael Leander

Ivan Hernandez, Robin Hamman, Michael Leander

I want to share an anecdote. During the first day of the event I took part in the lectures focused on Social Media and although most of them had in my opinion too much focus on Facebook, they were informative and well received by the audience.

Marketing Consultant Michael Leander, delivered a remarkable presentation in which he asked the audience about their involvement with social media and about their understanding about different metrics, tools and platforms. Only two or three of us kept rising our hands, responding to his questions, while the rest of the audience just remained quiet, not really knowing what he was talking about.

After his presentation I had a brief conversation with one of the attendants who made the remark of “how hopeless the situation is in Poland, where it is clear that nobody really knows what to do with social media besides jumping into Facebook and hoping for the best“.

Although I agree that must of the people in the audience were not very familiar with anything else than Facebook, I completely disagree with this gentleman regarding this phenomenon.

I believe that this represents a huge opportunity! We are living through the greatest shift in the way we communicate, interact and build our businesses and for those of us who are ready to educate, help and support individuals and organizations start their journey into social communications, this is our time.

So … what do you think? is this a “hopeless situation” or a “huge opportunity“? Think about it, because the answer to this question will have a huge impact on the way you and your organization will be able to grow and develop. Social Media is here to stay. And if you are not yet familiar or comfortable with all what is going on … it is OK! Do not give up! It will require time and effort from your side to learn this, but the sooner you join, the better. And of course, if you need any help developing and implementing a Social Media Program for your organization, you can always let me know.


2 responses to “Huge opportunity or hopeless situation?

  1. Great article, Ivan and thanks for the generous plug. As I am traveling extensively this month, I’d like to come back beginning of July with a proper reply to the question raised.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you very much for your message. I know you have an extremely busy schedule, so I appreciate very much you took the time to comment here and I am most definitely looking forward to your next input to this post.

      As I have mentioned before, it was a great pleasure to meet you and I am really looking forward to stay in touch.

      Have a great day


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