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The Google+ project

In a very interesting move, Google has just introduced a new social networking service called the Google+ project.

Currently is on beta version being available only to a select group of Google users but based on their publicity, it seems to have a very interesting approach to social networking.

Check out the videos below for a better understanding of the Google+ project concept:

The Google+ project: A quick look

The Google+ project: Circles

The Google+ project: Hangouts

The Google+ project: Instant Upload

The Google+ project: Sparks

The Google+ project: Huddle

My first impression is that this is a great idea and that it seems to be very user friendly. I think that it has the potential to offer an interesting value to its users and give a different experience to an already “Facebooked world”.

What do you think? Do you like the idea? Do you think Google may be a bit too late to seriously compete with Facebook? Please share your comments below.


Consumers have changed … have you?

Ok … this is actually an ad, but definitely brings two crucial points that time and time again, I see many companies not really getting it:

1. It’s all about building meaningful relationships with Consumers
2. Consumers have changed … have you?


Life lessons from the bamboo

I am a huge fan of Garr Reynolds. His outstanding book Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery (Amazon affiliate link) has had an incredible impact on the way I create, develop and deliver presentations (which by the way, if you want to see me in action, you can check out the video of my TEDx Talk).

Garr inspired me so much that I even created a course at Kozminski University teaching presentation skills, and his concepts and ideas are the core of the course.

I’ve had the opportunity to see some videos of him in action and if you are involved on giving presentations I strongly recommend you to check the lecture he gave at Google, in which he goes over the main concepts of his book. Then go … no, run! and buy his book.

Well, I was very surprised when I found out that he has also given a TEDx Talk, and besides the fact that this video not only represents a great opportunity to watch and learn from one of the best presenters in the world, the subject of his presentation is very interesting and full of great insights.

I have enjoyed this presentation very much and I believe you will too. Enjoy!


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Digital life: Today and tomorrow

In this beautifully designed animation, the guys at Neo Labels share with us 15 keys facts and conclusions to know the future of the Internet in 2015.



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Gary Vaynerchuk on business development, marketing people ruining social media and much more

Couple of months ago I shared with you a great interview that Bryan Elliot did with Seth Godin for his Behind The Brand program.

Well, today I share with you a great speech that Gary Vaynerchuk did for the show. It is full of very valuable insights, that I strongly believe are crucial for any business.


The people in the middle are in trouble

Customer acquisition and retention

Media mix matters

How marketing people are ruining social media

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Using Facebook to save lives

Here is a great example of how mixing social media with creativity and innovative thinking can really make a difference.

The Facebook Blood Groups is a remarkable idea created by the guys at the Twenty Three agency in Israel for the NATAL trauma center for victims of terror and war. Well done guys!


So … are you using all the different social media platforms just like anyone else, or are you pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box?

Ever thought how odd your online life is?