Flipping the marketing funnel with Joseph Jaffe

Couple of months ago I was introduced to Joseph Jaffe while listening to Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels Of Separation podcast. In it, Mitch started a series of monthly episodes with Jaffe simply entitled “Jaffe and Joel“, in which they have very dynamic and engaging discussions connected to the world of digital marketing and social media. Those episodes are full of very interesting insights and concepts that I find very relevant and thought provoking.

So, a few days ago I started to read Joseph Jaffe’s latest book Flip the Funnel: How to Use Existing Customers to Gain New Ones (Amazon affiliate link), and I am enjoying it a lot. In it he argues that the traditional marketing funnel focuses mostly on acquisition of new customers, while overlooking retention of existing customers, and he argues that companies should invest the most effort in the most loyal and valuable customers by focusing on providing the highest quality customer experience.

This short video is not just as a “promotional video” of the book but actually a very interesting introduction to Joseph Jaffe’s views connected with marketing and customer service.



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4 responses to “Flipping the marketing funnel with Joseph Jaffe

  1. This is excellent, Ivan. Retention is so often overlooked. Investing into our most loyal customers is critical.

    Thank you,


    Robin 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment Robin. You are very right and that is the main reason why Joseph’s remarks are even more valuable.
      I am glad you enjoyed the post.

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  3. Another good one. Thanks Ivan.

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