You must understand your business before you understand social media

For the past few weeks I have been working on my presentation for the upcoming Chief Marketing Officer Congress, and one of the things I have been thinking about is the fact that I feel that in Poland (where the event is taking place), the speed of adoption and understanding of some of the key concepts I will be talking about, such as the integration of content marketing and social media, is considerably different than what is happening in the US, so I have been working on striking a balance between introducing the audience to some cool ideas and concepts from all over the world, without losing the connection with what is happening now in Poland.

Interestingly enough (let’s talk about great timing), as I am working on this, this morning I bumped into Olivier Blanchard’s YouTube Channel and in it I found a very cool short video in which he shares very interesting insights on the speed of social media adoption across different cultures and on what is the first thing you should do before diving into using all the different social media platforms available.



Here are some of my favorite key points from this video:

– Different countries, cultures, markets adapt at different rates and on different ways.

– People will reach social media adoption/social media fluency when they are good and ready.

– It isn’t so much on focus on learning how to use Twitter or Facebook or whatever platforms you want to use, the point is to go back to understanding your business, understanding what is your role, what makes you different, what are your objectives and your goals and also what is it that your customers want to accomplish.

– Understand your business before you understand social media. Therefore, focus on the tools last.

Great stuff!

So, here you have my suggestions for today. Three steps:

1. I strongly recommend you to connect with Olivier
2. Check out and read regularly his fantastic blog: The Brand Builder, and …
3. Read … no … study his remarkable book Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization (Amazon affiliate link).

Olivier is a very gifted person when it comes down to explaining complex concepts clearly and concisely. I am sure you will learn a lot by connecting and following Olivier’s great work.


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