Gary Vaynerchuk on how businesses must adapt to social media

I have been a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk for a long time. I have been following his work for couple of years already and I can say that his passion, work ethics and specially his philosophy about business has been very inspiring for me.

I have watched dozens of his videos, listen to many of the podcasts in which he has been a guest, connected with him on Twitter, read his two remarkable business books and honestly, I cannot have enough of this guy.

Today I want to share with you a short video of a presentation he gave a few months ago, in which he talks about how business must adapt to social media. His message is very clear and to the point, and in just 10 minutes you will get many valuable lessons that have a huge impact in business worldwide.

So, here is my suggestion for today. Two steps:

1. Watch this video. And right after watching it …
2. Get his remarkable new book The Thank You Economy (Amazon affiliate link). Trust me, this is an important book that you have to read if you want to be relevant on business from now on. There is no turning back. The Thank You Economy is here to stay, so either take action and adapt or get ready to suffer the consequences.



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10 responses to “Gary Vaynerchuk on how businesses must adapt to social media

  1. Thanks for posting this Ivan, I love this video. I ordered his new book after watching it. Looking forward to reading it over Easter.



    • Hi Ross,
      My pleasure! I am very glad you liked the video and I thank you very much for your comment!
      Enjoy the book and I take the opportunity to wish you Happy Easter!

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