How to accomplish any project

Everything you do in life is a project. Everything!

Taking care of your bills? … project
Going on holidays? … project
Any deal with your Clients? … project
All the work-related stuff you do at the office? … project
Your career? … project


So … I suggest you to get (very) good at managing and accomplishing projects.

Here below is a brief and simple explanation of what I have learned from people such as Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Scott Belsky and others.

How to accomplish any project

1. Set the deadline, or in other words the “D-Day”.

"How to accomplish any project"

2. Once you have the deadline established, identify all the important things that must be done in order to be able to accomplish the big/scary/challenging project on “D-Day”. Then break-down the big/scary/challenging project into smaller chunks containing all those critical actions that must be done and set milestones.

"How to accomplish any project"

3. Now that you have your milestones established, you don’t need to worry about having to deal with a big/scary/challenging project. You just have to focus on putting all your energy and effort into accomplishing the next milestone.

"How to accomplish any project"

4. Lather, rinse, repeat.

"How to accomplish any project"

5. On D-Day, regardless of what is the actual status of your progress …. you ship. No last minute extensions, no excuses. You deliver.

"How to accomplish any project"

6. Feel good. You are officially an achiever. Now go and get another cool / challenging / scary project.
"How to accomplish any project"


5 responses to “How to accomplish any project

  1. Ivan,
    Simple and to the point. Great reminder that projects are not scary things.
    Just follow the steps and you can accomplish anything.

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  3. As a project manager I find these words simply inspiring and to the point! Thank you

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