Think differently!

The internet has changed everything. It gives us opportunities we never had before. Today, we are connected at a level we have never been before.

This is a revolution!

Organizations today are being built in a completely different ways than organizations were built 40 or 50 years ago. And in order to succeed, organizations need not only to think differently, but they need to embrace the impact of the internet so they can engage directly with their “audience” / “customers” / “fans” / “followers” (you get the point).

Seth Godin has known this for a long time and in this short video we get the opportunity to find out how he accomplished getting his ideas across to more than 5 million people just with a laptop and the internet. What an awesome lesson!


By the way, I strongly recommend you to get the book mentioned on this film: Unleashing the Ideavirus. It is outstanding and you can get the digital version for free!

NOTE: The video is a sneak peek to the upcoming film PressPausePlay. A film that based on Seth’s video and on the official trailer it is definitely a must see!


8 responses to “Think differently!

  1. Great resources, Ivan. Thank you for sharing them.

    Best, Robin 🙂

  2. let me just add also ‘thank you Ivan’ for sharing that with us. Seth Godin is just a great professional – and we can learn a lot from him.

  3. I am not sure whether ‘the publishing industry is dead’. I think we need to wait one more generation for that statement. Just look around and check the seniors (that’s very big customer group). Anyway – those are my assumptions 😉

  4. Good point. I think what Seth means is that the publishing industry is not really adapting to the changes that are happening. Seth argues that the main reason why he decided to stop publishing his books on a “traditional way” is because he disagrees with the way the publishing industry operates. For them, their customers are not people reading books but the bookstores. They do not care about the readers, they care about getting space in bookshelves in as many stores as possible.
    So Seth has started The Domino Project together with and he is trying all the things that he wanted to do with traditional publishers for the past 25 years. And let me tell you, his new book (published under The Domino Project) ‘Poke the Box’ is outstanding!, and I am sure the rest of the books they will publish will be remarkable as well.
    Thanks for your comments!

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