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Kick your own ass!

Jeffrey Gitomer always delivers remarkable value throughout his books, articles and videos. Here you have a short video that most definitely will get you moving.


My favorite part:

“In order for you to be the best you can be for others, you have to start out being the best you can be for yourself”.

Great stuff!

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Michael Phelps: Focus and determination – Get Inspired! series

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me: “Ivan, what inspires you?“. I thought about it for a second and … I told him.

The funny thing is that based on his reaction to my response I could tell that:

(a) he was not expecting that type of answer (probably he was expecting more the “usual” response, mentioning people like Mahatma Gandhi or in business related matters names like Donald Trump); and
(b) some people may not be aware of the huge amount of sources of inspiration out there!

The reality is that you can find incredible sources of inspiration everywhere! and if you are failing to get inspired, it is simply because you are not getting exposed, or better said, exposing yourself to them.

So, I came up with the idea to start a new series called: Get Inspired! in which I will be sharing some great stories. Some maybe well known, some maybe known to few people. Some will be short 2 minutes videos, some may be longer.

The point I want to make is that everywhere in the world there are amazing people doing amazing things. And getting to know more about this amazing people will certainly get you thinking in a different way and hopefully getting you inspired to go out there and make a difference.

So, I am planning to share this stories regularly. Most probably on Fridays (so you get the weekend to think about it and get ready to crush it on the following week).

So, here is the first one:

Michael Phelps is a phenomenon and arguably the greatest olympian athlete of all time. His accomplishments are simply outstanding: 14 gold medals (winning 8 of them at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games).

In this video you get the opportunity to get a small idea of what it takes to accomplish such remarkable success, such as:

– Training non-stop since age 11 (with a period of 5 years training without taking a single day off)
– Extremely intensive training sessions (how about swimming as hard as you can for 10,000 meters?)
– The extreme focus to accomplish the goals established


And by the way, if you have some great inspiring stories please share them with all of us down below on the comments section.

P.S. If you are wondering what was my response to my friends question, well, you will find out throughout the course of this series.

Personal Branding is …

Personal branding is:

Being authentic.

Being different from your peers.

Being relevant and compelling.

Maximizing your strengths that add value.

Standing out!

Being memorable after the the world gets to know who are you, what you do and how you do it.

Making a difference and having impact on other people’s lives.

These two guys get it and I hope you too.

Photo credit: apletfx


Ahhh … how romantic!

Well, for those of you that celebrate Valentine’s Day and are still not sure about what could be the perfect gift for your Valentine … here is an idea from our friends at Cisco Systems.


So, besides getting a great idea for a (certainly) original Valentine’s Day gift … I think this is a great example of creativity on advertising for the B2B sector. Nicely done Cisco … nicely done!


Quote of the week

“Either write something worth reading about or do something worth writing about”
Benjamin Franklin



In this awesome TED Talk, Neil Pasricha shares a remarkable presentation with a truly important message: Life is awesome and we have so many things to be happy about!

This is an awesome presentation, with an awesome story, sharing an awesome message.

This is simply …. AWESOME!


Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome

Some of my favorite remarks:

– How important is to remember about the simple little things in life.

– The 3 A’s of Awesome: Attitude, Awareness, Authenticity.

– Life is so great that we only get such a short time to experience and enjoy all those tiny little moments that make it so sweet. That moment is right now and those moments are counting down.

Make sure you check his Webby Awards Winner blog: 1000 Awesome Things

Have an AWESOME day!


Wherever you are … be there!

This is one of the strongest lessons I have learned from the great Jim Rohn.

If you are with you family … be with your family … 100%. Stop thinking about work, problems, conflicts ….

Simply: Wherever you are … be there!

The following video shows a great advertisement that beautifully communicates this message.