The great mystery of timing

Trapeze flying has been an incredible source of knowledge for me. Many lessons I share today with my Clients and with students connected with trust, focus, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, and more, come from “the old days“. During my presentation at TEDxWarsaw I shared some of these lessons and I find myself constantly connecting my experience “flipping and twisting” on the flying trapeze with the challenges and situations I face today as a entrepreneur, as a father or as an advisor to my Clients.

That said, I want to talk about one of the most important factors for success and probably one of the most ignored or neglected. I am talking about timing.

Now, believe me … I know a thing or two about timing. Back in the days when I was a flying trapeze artist if the timing was “off” by just fractions of a second … there was no trick. If the flyer takes-off from the platform or lets go the trapeze bar a bit to soon or a bit too late … he/she will end up bouncing on the net, away from the hands of the catcher.

So yes … timing is important. Not only on the flying trapeze but in your personal and professional life.

The problem is that most people think that events in life “just happen” or in other words that they have no influence on the timing of things that happen to them. Most call this “luck” (good or bad depending on their particular circumstances). In reality, something that I learn back then is that you do have control on your “luck“. In other words, you have control on timing.

Let me explain. If you expose yourself to knowledge, to learning and to improving, you will end up “bumping” into great sources of information. If you work hard everyday, doing work that matters, someday you will end up “being at the right place and the right time” meeting with key potential partners for your business or your career. Then you may find yourself saying “Wow … what a timing. Right when we needed / were looking for / needed this …. it just happened!

This is not just a coincidence, law of attraction, or the Universe’s secret forces sending you all this great things just because You are a cool dude. No. You have to create this effect and You have to start the momentum that will get you exposed to all these remarkable things. You. You have influence on this “great timing“.

How? Well, with the books You read, the successful people You interact with, the sources of information You seek. All these create a platform for you to get exposed to exciting stuff. So, yes … You do have impact on the timing of everything that happens to you.

So, my advice to you. Start. Today. Get out there. Focus on the things that interest you and that will bring you closer to your goals. Do work that matters! Once you do that, you will be amazed about all the “coincidences” you will find on your way, and I am sure you will catch yourself saying “Wow … what a timing“.



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