Productivity tip: Understanding Task Type

I want to share with you a very interesting approach to better understand, manage and control all the different tasks you need to get done.

In this great short video, courtesy of, Ed Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics shares how to get more done by understanding the “task type




3 responses to “Productivity tip: Understanding Task Type

  1. Dear Ivan
    Welcome to my world. A world of up and downs. You probably know me better than I do. Thank you for protecting my very privat blog. I should change me log to “Touch down” or “touch the earth” or even better “Get on the ground”. No trip can last for ever, a trip with no drogs, no alcohol just pur adrenalin. 53 is the year I am born. 57 the number of years I am on this planet and I still haven´t found how to enjoy life and relaxe. I will probaly been looking for the entire life. At the moment I feel OK. Tomorrow will be better I am flying to Kathmandu in Nepal for two weeks. I have always been enjoying this country, more relaxed than the hectic life in Zurich. I have quit my job and will be a free person mid February 2011. Trying to enjoy, travelling Downunder for about 2 month, some event trips to concert in Europe and finally by November 2011 looking for a new job, I have to survive financelly and earn money like most human do. Looking forward to my new life period and beeing a bit frightend if I can make it through mentally and physically. Wish me luck! Take care and all the best. doris antonia egli

  2. Dear Ivan$
    I have done it. I registered at TED woman and hope I can speak on 7 december 2010 in Winterthur, Switzerland. Waiting for the approval from New York. Time is running, but keep our finger crossed we can manage. The family Donovan is informed, but no reply so far. Hopefully they are following because I have not much knowlege of technology, music and all the instuments needed. I can speak with power and enthusiasm for the ATLANTIS Vision – Schafft Kultur- und neuer Begegnungsraum in Zürich, an idyllischer, ruhiger Lage im Hotel Atlantis -Creates culture and new meeting room in Zurich, in an idyllic, peaceful location in the Hotel Atlantis.
    Wish me luck

  3. It’done. I have informed the world about my vision in Nepal.
    Now will see if our little NGO get’s started.
    Will fly to Kathmandu 07 Feb 2011.
    Thanks for your support at all times
    Best regards
    doris antonia egli

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