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An effective way to lose your loyal customers

If you are interested on finding out a very effective way to lose your loyal customers, check out this short video and find out what our friends at Cinema City Mokotow understand about customer service.




Are you happy?

Great formula to be happy I just found at Scott Stattens’sThank Goodness It’s Monday” blog.

Simple … don’t you think?

Note: If you liked this, you should check out the author’s work at Blog.H34


Quote of the week

As a society, we are big on setting goals and making plans, but we are not so hot on tracking progress daily, understanding why we are getting off track, and making the course corrections needed to get back on the path we wanted to travel in the first place
Dave Navarro


10 remarkable ChangeThis manifestos you should read

One of my favorite websites in the whole wide web is ChangeThis. ChangeThis is a remarkable platform that focuses on supporting and spreading great ideas. It is a place where you have the opportunity to find out and learn about remarkable ideas through short manifestos (around 13-14 pages long). Additionally they are designed in a format that is very easy and pleasant to read. And here is the best part: all the manifestos are available to download for free!

The website offers hundreds of awesome manifestos. However, today I want to share with you 10 remarkable ChangeThis manifestos you should read (just to get you starting, then I strongly recommend you to browse through the great manifestos you can find there).

Note: The list is not organized in order of importance. Each manifesto focuses on different areas and each is remarkable on its own way.


1. Brainwashed: Seven Ways to Reinvent Yourself
by Seth Godin

2. The Art of the Start
by Guy Kawasaki

3. Rework: A Better, Easier Way To Succeed In Business
by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson (37Signals)

4. What the Creative World Needs Now Is Organization
by Scott Belsky

5. 168 Hours: The Blank Slate of Time
by Laura Vanderkam

6. Before You Open Your Mouth: The Keys to Great Public Speaking
by Nick Morgan

7. F2 | Firefly Manifesto: Remixed
by Jonathan Fields

8. The Bootstrapper’s Bible
by Seth Godin

9. Get a Life, Not a Job: Self-Directed Career Acts and the Future of Careers
by Paula Caligiuri, Ph.D

10. Stop the Busywork!: Seven Ways You Can Do More Great Work
by Michael Bungay Stanier

So, here you have them. I would love to know if you enjoy these manifestos or if after checking the ChangeThis archive you find something interesting or inspiring. All your feedback is highly appreciated!

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Doing your best

I am a big fan of Jeffrey Gitomer. I like his direct approach, his sense of humor and the fact that every time I implement his advice I see the results right away.

Today I want to share an excellent video he recorded some time ago that I think has a very important message. In it Jeffrey shares his 10.5 simple rules to do your best every day and talks about the importance of doing your best on everything you do, so you can have a great day. Great stuff!


So, I hope you enjoyed the video and just in case you want to write down Jeffrey’s 10.5 simple rules to doing your best everyday, here you have them:

1. Wake up early
2. Love what you do
3. Be a life-long student
4. Convert anger to resolve
5. Convert barrier to breakthrough
6. Take every ‘no’ as a ‘not yet’
7. Watch little or no television
8. Read for 20 minutes every morning
9. Write for 20 minutes every morning
10. Call the people you love and tell them you love them
10.5. Tell yourself that you are the best


Quote of the week

“Some people achieve extraordinary things in life; others do not. The difference between the two groups lies in accountability.”
Sam Silverstein


Throw away your “To-Do” list

Ok … I know that I am going to get many productivity experts scratching their heads with this post …. but I think this is an important point.

Often I see people getting obsessed with their “To-Do” lists. They have the impression that they have to get all the stuff in those lists done, in order to actually feel like they have accomplished something. I believe that this is a big mistake.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am the first one to tell my Clients and students to “think on paper“, or in other words to capture all the different ideas, tasks, actions, needs they have throughout the day on a sheet of paper, word document, spreadsheet, iPhone app, whatever, but to stop using their head as a “file cabinet”.

The problem comes up when people plan their days based on “what they have to do” or when they think that by ticking off each and every single item on that list they are being productive. This is not true … and believe me, I know this very well, because this was what I used to do in the past. I still remember the days when I worked really hard on all the tasks from my “To-Do” list, just to realize later on that most of the things I have completed actually did not get me any step closer to achieving the really important things.

My suggestion is not to have “To-Do” list but rather a “What MUST Get Done” list. In other words, what are the things that must get done today in order to get you closer to your goals.

Planning your day based on “what you have to-do” is not as effective as focusing your energy and effort on what you want to accomplish, and the best way to do that is by identifying the most important actions that as long as they get done, nothing else matters.

So, I am sure that out of the 53 things in your “To-Do” list, there are three or four or ten actions that are crucial for your success. Identify them. Plan your day based on getting them done … and then take massive action and make sure you get them done! This is how you will accomplish your goals, not by being busy with irrelevant tasks.

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