A great lesson from a great football coach

Last night was the 30th Prince of Asturias prizegiving ceremony in Oviedo, Spain. According to the Prince of Asturias Foundation’s website, this prize is awarded “to contribute to encouraging and promoting the scientific, cultural and humanistic values that form part of mankind’s universal heritage“.

Among the prize winners the Spanish National Football team received the award for sports after having won the World Cup in South Africa.

At the ceremony the Coach Vicente del Bosque accepted the award and did something extremely kind and classy. He invited the previous manager, Luis Aragones, to join the team in applause before delivering his speech.

Luis Aragones had built the team and having won the European Championship back in 2008 (the country’s first major victory in 44 years) he decided to resign and del Bosque took over.

Del Bosque gave a great display of generosity, class and kindness. He and his team have accomplished one of the most important achievements for Spanish sport at an international level. He could (deservedly) have taken the whole spotlight, but instead he showed what a remarkable person he is.

Congratulations Mr. Del Bosque. You are a great example to all of us.

For a short video report by Euronews click here

Photo credit: Marca.com



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