You must take control of your presence online

In this days and age when Google is the prime source of information, you must definitely have a presence online that represents you in a professional and effective way. The best way to do that is by being proactive and taking control of what information appears about you on Google.

So you may wonder how? Well, for starters the easiest thing you could do is to register on LinkedIn (the world’s largest professional network with over 80 million members) and create your profile.

If you are new to LinkedIn, I strongly suggest you to check out this short video. You will get a great introduction to the concept in just couple minutes.

If you want, check out my LinkedIn profile if you need ideas on how to do it. Just make sure you invest some time on making it as informative and well developed as possible. And if you want to connect with me, please go ahead! I am looking forward to connect with you and help you expand your network.

By the way, here I share with you the link to the Online Identity Calculator, a cool tool created by Reach Communications Consulting that measures and make sense of your Google results. Check it out!



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