Great Books Series – Endless Referrals

In this episode of The Great Books Series I am sharing with you my recommendation on a remarkable book by Bob Burg. The title of the book is Endless Referrals (Amazon affiliate link), and this is an outstanding book on how to create more sales in less time and how to generate leads fast and effectively.

Definitely a must read for anybody in sales!


By the way, if you would like to watch my review on another outstanding book by Bob (written together with John David Mann) entitled Go-Givers Sell More (Amazon affiliate link), please click here



2 responses to “Great Books Series – Endless Referrals

  1. Dear Ivan, my friend,
    Thank you so much. What a great honor to see your very kind and complimentary review. Please know how much I value and appreciate your thoughts, and how complimented I am that you found sufficient value in the book to want to post a video about it.
    Again, my gratitude!

    • Dear Bob,
      It is my real pleasure to help in any way I can spread the word about your remarkable ideas and about you as a person. You are an amazing source of inspiration and knowledge, not only for me, but to the thousands of people you have had an impact on their lives.
      Thank you for everything Bob.
      All the best!

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