Develop your commercial mindset

Today I want to share with you a great piece of advice that literally changed my approach towards sales and business development.

In these two short and simple but powerful videos, courtesy of the one and only Robin Dickinson, he shares with us what are the two things that needs to be in the back of our mind in every new business development call.


The business-building mindset: Part 1

The business-building mindset: Part 2

Think about it. Many people (including me) have the tendency to focus on delivering outstanding service, on the customer’s needs, on the customer’s satisfaction, etc. Now, don’t get me wrong, all that is great and important, but if you want to develop your business, it is imperative to also focus on the financing and the numbers, in other words, on developing your commercial mindset.

Which reminds me of an awesome point from the guys at 37signals from their book Rework (Amazon affiliate link):

A business without a path to profit is a hobby

Developing your commercial mindset is the key to setting the path to profit for your business, so I strongly recommend you to check Robin’s YouTube channel, and watch all his “Black Chair” videos. Believe me, you will have a different approach towards business development after you do.



4 responses to “Develop your commercial mindset

  1. Wow, Ivan. I really appreciate you sharing these thoughts – especially as you are applying the key lessons in your business.

    You really are a champion who walks the talk!

    Here’s to your business succeeding massively!

    Best, Robin 🙂

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