Aliens, socks and satisfied customers

A few days ago me and my family went away on holidays. On the first evening, right when we were getting the kids ready to bed, my three years old daughter Zofia, gave us a question that could have represented a big catastrophe. She asked: “Where is my stuffed toy?“.

Well … it seems like during all the hectic time packing and running around the house, we have forgotten to pack her favorite stuffed toy. Now, in other circumstances this may have not represented a big deal, however, she is used to only being able to fall sleep while hugging her stuffed toys.

So, what happened? my brilliant wife asked Zofia to give her five minutes and she came up with an awesome solution.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to …. the “little alien“.

The little alien

With a huge smile, Zofia ran towards her mom, took the “little alien” and … slept peacefully hugging her new toy every night of the entire trip.

Now, this got me thinking on how clearly this is a great example of outstanding customer service. We were faced with a very important customer, being faced with a big problem and expecting results. The easiest thing to do was to simply say “Oh, sorry sweetie, we forgot to pack it, so there is nothing we can do. Go to bed“. However, my wife went the extra mile to make sure that our daughter would be happy.

What happened here is more than just putting together a pair of socks and three rubber-bands. This was a great example of thinking outside the box, being proactive, creative and making things happen.

So, ask yourself, how many times have you been in a similar situation, maybe not with your sons or daughters, but with your customers? How many times have you just taken the easy answer and said: “Ups … to bad. There is nothing we can do“? How many times have you made the extra effort to solve your customer’s problems?

I am sure the solution to your customer’s problems will be more complex that wrapping thee rubber-bands in a pair of socks, but the point is to be open and ready to make things happen.

By the way, here is the picture of a very satisfied customer.

A very satisfied customer



8 responses to “Aliens, socks and satisfied customers

  1. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

  2. Improvise – innovate – create – make it happen. If you truly value your ‘customer’ there’s always a way!

    Great example, Ivan.

    Well done!

    Robin 🙂

    Helping you succeed in business.

  3. ‘think outside the box’ – well said!

  4. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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