Understanding Personal Branding

Many people think that personal branding is just about creating an image, having a webpage or profile online and about “selling” yourself. Personal branding goes far deeper than that and having a clear understanding of how crucial this topic is for your professional life, represents a huge advantage for you.


And by the way, here I want to share with you the article that started the “personal branding revolution“. This article: The Brand Called You by Tom Peters started it all. This is an eye opener and a must read.



5 responses to “Understanding Personal Branding

  1. Excellent post, Ivan.

    You make important and useful distinctions about personal branding.

    A clear and simple message – just how I like it.

    Great quality of production too!

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  4. very nice video!! pretty helpful check out this article you would also find it very useful if you really care about personal branding

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