Forget the script and be sincere

Last week I met a very nice guy at a small reunion. We spoke for something like four minutes and afterwards he left.

The next day he called me and said that he was “very impressed” with me and that he could tell that I am a “very serious businessman” (???) and that he wanted to invite me to take part in a great business opportunity.

Now, the “being impressed” and “being a serious businessman” parts raised a “red light” right away, and I thought for a moment to thank him for his call but inform him that I was not interested. On the other hand I was curious to really find out why he was really inviting me to a “great business opportunity” after speaking with me for four minutes, so I accepted to meet.

We met and then I found out that he works in Multi-level Marketing (also known as MLM or Network Marketing) and was inviting me to join his “team of business leaders in order to achieve financial freedom while helping others succeed”.

I thanked him for his offer but told him I was not interested on joining any network marketing organization. All of the sudden I went from being “impressive” and a “serious businessman” to an ignorant that is not able to recognize a great opportunity when he sees one, so he started to “educate me” and show me how he could “help me secure my future while working only couple of hours a day from the comfort of my house”.

To not make the story long, I thanked him for his invitation but declined. Afterwards we started to talk about other things and I somehow saw again the nice guy I met the day before and not the pushy salesman I have just talked to. I asked him to be sincere and tell me why he really contacted me. He told me that he had learned all these techniques (such as giving compliments, scripted phrases and targeting the prospect’s ego) at the seminars and audio programs he got from his company and that usually they work out fine, although every once in a while he had to deal with “tough” people like me.

Now, this is the advice I gave him and the advice I am giving you (regardless if you are in MLM or other industry). Forget about the scripts. Forget about the techniques. They may “work” some of the times, but believe me, most of the times they will make you look like an idiot and, even worst, they will definitely destroy any chance to build any relationship.

If you want to motivate people to buy from you, join your organization, help you, etc, do not treat them as “targets” or “prospects”. Be sincere and treat them like humans! and understand that successful business deals are made out of partnerships built with trust not out of tricks and techniques.

Photo credit: Photo by duncan at Flickr



2 responses to “Forget the script and be sincere

  1. Good point Ivan. I’ve been dealing with sincerety issue with a client of mine recently. Only the whole story goes the other way around. The buyer is really pushy in trying to get things for nothing.

  2. So true, Ivan. Very well put my friend. We are helping P-E-O-P-L-E. People are to be honoured. It’s a privilege to serve them.

    Best Robin 🙂

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