Great Idea: The One Week Job Project

Thanks to my friend Dan Schawbel I have just found out about, not only a brilliant idea, but a fantastic example of commitment and initiative that I hope will inspire everybody to be proactive and to take action, when it comes down to their careers.

Couple of years ago Sean Aiken graduated from college and found himself in a situation that unfortunately many college grads find themselves: He did not know what he wanted to do for a career (or in fact what he wanted to do with his life).

The common action that most college grads take is to apply to as many jobs as possible, hope that somebody calls them back and actually take the first job available (this is actually the main reason why I decided to create a Career Planning program so I could help students avoid such (bad) strategy).

Sean did something different. He decided to figure out what he wanted to do by starting what he called The One Week Job Project, in which he basically took 52 jobs in 52 weeks across North America.

Here is the trailer of his upcoming book and documentary where he will share the complete story and the lessons learned during his journey.

What Sean Aiken has done is remarkable and I think is a great source of inspiration, not only to college students, but to anybody who is wondering what to do next in their career.

So, I strongly recommend you to find out more about The One-Week Job Project.


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3 responses to “Great Idea: The One Week Job Project

  1. The idea of 52 jobs in 52 weeks sounds like a great adventure!

    • Hi Marshall,
      I agree with you, I think Sean had not only an opportunity to find his passion but a great adventure. I am glad he documented everything and I am really looking forward to his book and film.
      All the best,

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