There is a new blog in town!

Hi everybody!

This is Ivan Hernandez, and I am starting a new blog which will be separated from the Performance Improvement Blog at Improvo

Improvo’s blog will continue offering our ideas, tips and advice in all areas connected to performance improvement. However, as I had a hard time trying to fit in within Improvo’s blog my views on many other topics and areas I am very passionate about, I have decided to open a new platform where I can share with you my views, tips, advice and many crazy ideas that I believe can have a very positive impact in your life.

So, this blog will focus on five closely interrelated areas:

  • personal branding
  • career design
  • entrepreneurship
  • business development
  • social media

The cool thing is that each area alone is quite interesting and I am sure you will get great value out of each category. However, hopefully you will start putting them all together and start for example defining and developing your personal brand, designing (not planning) your career, thinking like an entrepreneur (and hopefully becoming one) and taking advantage of the fantastic tools that social media offers in order to grow your business by connecting and engaging in a close relationship with your Clients.

I have also prepared couple of surprises for you, so be ready because I am going to take you flying high (literally) in both your personal and professional lives.

So, stay tuned and join me in this new journey. I hope you will enjoy the ride. You can be sure I will.


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